Beyond Payment Processing

Dimebox takes payment technology to the next level by offering a multitude of solutions and connections through a single API, something that is unheard of in the payments industry. With a team of seasoned experts, and motivated youngsters we're on the forefront of technological innovation, offering our customers the best in-class practices.

What do we do?

Dimebox builds technology for the payments industry, a field that after 20+ years of shockingly slow development is finally starting to innovate. As a result, most fintech companies are building new solutions on existing and old systems, trying to rejuvenate them. We think this is a huge limitation to progress. We’ve swept the slate clean and built solutions from the ground up, completely reinventing the capabilities of the payments world.

All of our team members actively contribute to make Dimebox what we want it to be and this impacts the way we work. We foster an environment that feeds creativity and initiative, where we welcome everyone’s input and are honest and direct in our advice. The best things about Dimebox have come from people with fresh perspectives who took the chance to get involved and speak their minds.

Our product roadmaps are ambitious, the scopes are challenging and we work with talented and motivated people who crave the chance to learn, share and develop new skills in order to tackle these ambitions. Dimebox is a close-working group of payments experts, and we work hard to share our in-house knowledge with new team members to apply their skill set in a new booming industry. If you have previous payments experience, you will also feel right at home here. With or without experience, you will enjoy the wealth of payment knowledge we bring to the table.

To offer our clients unprecedented technological abilities, you need to share our obligation to push the boundaries of what is currently possible. Because the things we envision aren’t commonly available, we have to conceptualize and build them ourselves. That’s why we’re looking for people who want work at the forefront of technological progress, creating products that will modernize payments for decades to come.

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